Dawn Smelser

Philadelphia, PA
United States

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When I first went to begin formal study of Yoga, it was to explore truths that I had already experienced but couldn’t hold onto and to begin healing my perception of myself. When I experienced the peace of Yoga for the first time, I devoted myself to the practice and life started moving very quickly.
Within a year, I left to live in India with only my backpack, to study with living master, Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra for 6 months. His mother, who was still alive, was the first woman Yoga teacher and I had the opportunity to study Yoga Philosophy from her, Mother Sita Devi. I had received an anonymously donated scholarship to live there.
Being at the The Yoga Institute in Mumbai taught me more than i could absorb at the time-15 years later, I am still integrating the teachings into my life and consciousness. Most of all, it revealed to me a glimpse of the integrity of simple yoga technique and the need to cultivate an unshakeable love of Self and others. My teacher there was like no one else I had ever or have since been around. .Since returning from India, I have had 5 years of formal Yoga training, including 3 years of training in the esoteric Yoga traditions in Divine Light Ministry, with apprenticeship to Lino Alelyunas, renowned years of sometimes intense struggle and awakening, I am seeing the true grace that is possible through yoga and and I am moving in creative response to obstacles within and without.


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