Dawn Voyce

Havelock North --
New Zealand

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Hi there
My name is Dawn and I have always had a passion for learning and development, which has lead me on many different journeys. One of these has been my yoga journey that began about 20 years ago. I was looking for a substitute for my beloved dancing, which I had to give up because it was too hard on my back. Something that has become a blessing along the way.

Having tried many different styles I came across Ashtanga that appealed because the asanas had a sequence, a flow and it was a bit like a dance that you learnt. After practicing it for around 10 years I started teaching and took the step in 2010 to complete my first 200hr Ashtanga teacher training with Michael Gannon and Brian Cooper in Edinburgh, Scotland. A joint adventure between the two that opened up more questions than it answered. At the same time the lower back pain that had haunted me for years returned, halting my yoga for over 9 months.

By chance in 2011, I attended a weekend workshop with Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche in Basel, Switzerland, a healing Lama from Dharamsala. He taught a simple series of movements that promotes health and wellness called Lu Jong and is easy for young and old alike. This began a new journey of understanding yoga for me and what worked for my back and what didn’t.

In 2012 I began a 4 ½ year / 1200hr teacher training with Bruno Dietziker in Switzerland, which I completed in 2017. This answered some of the original questions raised in 2010, and opened up many new ones and brought more depth and understanding into my healing journey with my back. This training brought me into contact with some of Europe’s great teachers like Iyengar teacher Claus Grzesch and Ashtanga and Yoga Therapy teacher Ronald Steiner.

Another part of my journey has been to explore Embodiment or Somatics. This is how we embody our thinking, beliefs, fears and aspirations. It shows up in our bodies and when you learn to read the body you come to understand what it is communicating. I have studied with the Strozzi Institute, Paul King a senior trainer with Wendy Palmer and Mark Walsh, having completed my Embodied Yoga Principles training in 2018.

The style of yoga that I teach has changed over the years, and it incorporates my learnings from yoga therapy, alignment, understanding the body as well as the essence of somatics and how we show up in our practice.

My journey with my back continues, my exploration of the mind and body continues in the somatic space and both take me ever deeper into the mysteries of the body, mind and soul and the power we have within to heal and help ourselves.


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