Deacon Carpenter

Santa Rosa, CA
United States

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At the age of 16, chronic illness and obesity led me to a fateful meeting with a local Ayurvedic doctor, which created a seismic shift in my perception of food, health and physical balance. Heeding the advice of my doctor, I modified his diet, started to practice yoga and shed over 140 pounds.
To me, Ayurveda and yoga together just made sense. Once he was educated and empowered to understand what was causing me to be sick, the steps to reclaiming his health were clear and simple.

My momentum in Ayurvedic studies continued at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa. Although I always knew that I would become an Ayurvedic practitioner at some point in my lifetime, it was a 16-year career working in the trenches of New York City advertising agencies that gave me the wherewithal to strike out on his own. Working in the world of global advertising and branding, I was able to hone my communication skills, enabling me to convey the complex ideas and concepts of Ayurveda and Yoga in a very comprehensive manner.


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