Dean Pohlman

Austin, TX
United States
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I was a weight-lifter, lacrosse player, and all-around fitness fanatic when I found yoga. My first attendance of a yoga session was an accident, but I left that Bikram studio with profound appreciation for this new form of exercise. As I continued to practice, I realized that yoga was improving every physical aspect of my life. I had more endurance. I lifted more weight. I had more energy. I had crazy flexibility, and I didn't need as much time to warm-up because I felt so limber all the time.

Naturally, I wanted my friends to join me, but they gave me bullshit excuses: "I'm not flexible." "Yoga's for girls, bro." "I don't want to embarrass myself." So I made it my mission to get more guys to do yoga and help them realize the same benefits that I continue to see on a daily basis.

I founded Man Flow Yoga, a yoga company that makes yoga more accessible to men by taking a no-nonsense, no-frills approach to yoga that focuses on the physical benefits of a consistent yoga practice. Guys need yoga for the physical benefits, and that's what I give them. Feel free to give me a 0 on spirituality, but in my defense I really do appreciate a great savasana.


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What can I say, this guy is taking the yoga scene to new unimaginable heights, especially for all the guys out there. I've worked closely with Dean in collaboration with yoga videos and shoots and he's one of the most professional and hardworking guys in the business. Strong work ethic, focused, easy to get along with and just a cool badass guy to be around. I can't say enough great things about him and I'm glad to have the opportunity to become part of Man Flow Yoga. Keep an eye out for him and if you can definitely catch one of his yoga classes. He's definitely a strong force in the yoga community and anyone he comes across will hugely benefit from getting to know him.

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I like Menflowyoga classes

I have watched Dean's Menflowyoga classes.He explains things very well .I like watching Menflowyoga classes. It is a good for Yoga beginner .

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Love the online yoga classes

Some of the best videos for yoga that I've seen.

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Very nice experience with Dan

Perfect teacher.

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Man Flow Yoga

Dean is a great teacher, he is not only very accommodating but his lessons are easy to follow. Whether working with Dean in person or following his Yoga instructional videos online (youtube) I always feel that a balance of strength and flexible has been reached by the end. Highly recommend working with Dean if you have the chance.

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I have either been a fellow yogi of Dean's or watched his videos online. He practices and teaches great technique. Man Flow Yoga has a plethora of his yoga videos from new positions for beginners to specific muscle group routines and stretches for athletes, which are great for whatever my needs may be at the time. Neutral ranking on the spiritual aspect, which is difficult to incorporate in a non-class setting. I'm sure his classes would be great if I get the chance to attend!