Deanna Gray

Ocala, FL
United States

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I am excited to share with you these authentic yoga teachings from India.
A little about my
I started my career as a web designer about 19 years ago. I was lead to yoga to help with back pain from working on the computer. In 2017 I enrolled in my first yoga teacher training to bring discipline to my practice. But what I got was so much more! I gained not only physical strength but also experienced a spiritual awakening. Yoga brought so much positive change in my life I wanted to share this opportunity with others by teaching.

I earned a 200-Hour Hot Yoga Certification. And continued my studies at the Amrit Yoga Institute in Ocala, Florida where I earned the 200-Hour Amrit Yoga Level 1 certification. And recently, in 2019, I travelled to India to study Yoga Nidra meditation, and earned an additional 100-Hour certification.

I continue to work in the web development field now as a freelance web designer, and teach yoga part time.

Yoga has helped bring balance and peace to my life. I am grateful to be on this journey of transformation and I hope to inspire others who are seeking spiritual enlightenment and self discovery.


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