Deanna Hansen

Winnipeg, MB

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Known as the “Tissue Whisperer,” Deanna Hansen is a certified athletic therapist and the author of The Power of Conscious Breathing, 90 Days to a Whole New You, Stop Dieting: 36 Minute Hourglass Figure Workout, Your Solution to Chronic Back Pain Is Only A Block Away and ’A Natural Solution for Shoulder Pain Is Only A Block Away’. She has spent fifteen years developing Fluid Isometrics—a cutting edge therapy that is revolutionizing the next generation of body work.

Deanna found the key to taking control of her physical, spiritual and mental wellness lay in making room for oxygen and blood to flow uninhibited throughout the body. By harnessing the power of conscious breathing Deanna has developed a form of body work therapy that returns the body to the state it was designed to exist in, thereby making the necessary room for true health and healing to happen.

Today, Deanna’s goal is to share her life-changing approach to self-care with the world by offering Block Therapy instructional classes and making the Block Buddy, instructional videos & her books available online. View Deanna’s story here:


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