Deanna Hoover

Creswell, OR
United States
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Dear friends, my account is inactive at the moment but I will be back soon.

My intention to help people enjoy moving and being in their bodies. Everybody can practice yoga, at every phase of life, age, and ability.

I love sharing yoga with students who are 40+ years old. Back in the early ‘70s I took my first yoga class and I was hooked. Many years later, I was rear-ended, twice in one year. A doctor told me that I had stenosis in my spine and that back surgery was in my future. I thought, this can’t be for me — so I ramped up my personal practice and started attending classes more regularly… Here’s what I found: the more I practiced, the stronger my body became, and the better I felt in body, mind, and spirit. After 30+ years of practice I certified as a Hatha teacher.

I have learned how to instruct my students so that they receive the benefits yoga has to offer. I genuinely feel people in their middle years and older will benefit from my sessions. My Hatha training and other training with various teachers from a wide range of yoga styles, and the experience I have gained from teaching since 2004, have given me the tools to support you in achieving something I know matters to you.

My hope is to inspire you to connect with your own joy and deep relaxation by practicing to enjoy it so thoroughly that you choose to commit to a lifelong yoga practice, thus enriching your body, mind and spirit. It is so satisfying and meaningful to me to have students say, “I leave each class feeling relaxed, centered and energized and with a sense of gratitude.”

if you are ready to take the plunge, please click here and send me a message so we can book your first free session!


Average: 4.7 of 5 stars

3 Reviews

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