Deb Neubauer

Amherst, MA
United States

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I've been practicing Yoga since 1985 and teaching since 1987. In my early years, I trained in the Iyengar style and traveled to Pune, India several times for in-depth study. In 1993, I met John Friend, and studied and trained to be an Anusara Yoga teacher. In 2000, I became the 16th teacher to be certified in Anusara Yoga and was one of the initial 7 teacher trainer's. I resigned for several years after the unfortunate scandal in 2012, but reinstated my certification on 1-08-2015.

I've done some training as well in Trauma Informed Yoga and recently returned to school to pursue a Master's in Social Work.

My teaching synthesizes 27 years of embodied practice. It combines meditation, intention, breath work, asana with a focus on structural alignment and guided relaxation into a methodology designed to help you come alive, body, mind and soul.


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