Debbie Barnett

Tustin, CA
United States
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At my highest value, I deliver skillful structure. By listening to my student/client’s needs, I deliver a restrained, polished sequencing of poses/programs to achieve maximum effect. My observant, subtle style makes every detail more influential. I speak the language of listening.

I add value as a recognized expert, and work best independently. I formulate ideas in a clear, articulate manner. I communicate complex philosophies and techniques selectively and purposefully with a minimalist approach. I persuade others by culling my words and actions. When I do share an idea or an opinion, it carries more influence. I remain calm in pressure situations. I speak the language of presence.

I focus on adding value through better execution. I constantly envision ways to improve and upgrade. I earn respect by higher standards. I am motivated by an ambitious, determined, yet understated outlook. I expect the highest quality deliverables, and influence people by my high expectations of myself and others. I speak the language of excellence.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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