Debbie Bowen

Abilene, TX
United States

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Amanda began taking yoga classes in 2013 during an emotionally tumultuous time in her life. She was also at her heaviest weight. She was seeking balance and change in her life and found it on her mat. Amanda started by taking one Tuesday night class a week. Soon that turned into a Tuesday and a Monday night class. The more she practised yoga, the more she needed to practice yoga. It was not long until she was attending a class at least six days a week. The more she introduced the physical practice of yoga, the more she lived it off the mat, as well. As she brought balance back into her life, her weight decreased, and joy was restored. Through yoga, Amanda gained balance, strength, and flexibility in her life. One of her beloved teachers encouraged her to get training and become a yoga teacher. After wrestling with the idea for nearly a year, Amanda attended the Marianne Wells Yoga School in Costa Rica where she completed a 200-hour training specialising in therapeutic yoga.

All levels of experience welcome. This class will build greater strength, flexibility, and stamina while providing thorough instruction. Asana will be held for longer to deepen the experience, as well it will include Vinyasa, or flowing yoga, developing the connection between the breath and movement.