Debbie Clayton

Colonial heights, VA
United States

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We're excited to announce that our newly hired DefyG. Multi-Certified Yoga Instructor, Debbie Clayton's first Yoga Session will be Tuesday 10/27/2015!!!

Debbie has shared her teaching with students from age five to seventy-five.
Debbie especially enjoys teaching yoga to athletes/clients of all ages and interests. Yoga combines stretching, breath and movement to release tightness in the muscles and joints. When combined with sports specific training or a regular workout, yoga is an important aspect of injury prevention and recovery.
Yoga creates a sense of spatial awareness in that our body knows where we are in every movement, by improving balance and coordination. In creating awareness of the body and the breath, you are better prepared to engage in specific actions as applied to your life; whether it be in sports, daily life or just more freedom of movement.
Debbie is excited to share her yoga training and enthusiasm with the athletes/clients of DefyGENETICS. Her passion for yoga shows in her teaching style and ability to connect with individuals and their specific goals in training.
She will be doing #DefyGYoga every Tuesday at 6:30pm moving forward.

The drop-in rate is: $10/session


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