Debbie Forrestt

Phoenix, AZ
United States
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Founded Forest House Yoga in 1999, as a passionate response to what struck her as an urgent need for a system of health that was functional and effective.

As a yoga practitioner from 1995, she advanced to yoga instructor, then in 2007, she started branched into the Forest House Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Pursuing her degree as a Holistic Health Practitioner, she will graduate from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in 2016 as a licensed practitioner.

Health and Lifestyle Coach, Nutritionist, Licensed Yoga Teacher Trainer, Yoga Therapist, and Teacher Trainer specializing in Nutrition. Debbie is a purveyor of Independent Health and Wellness, a "Movement Specialist" utilizing Ayurveda and Transpersonal Psychology through yoga techniques.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

11 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Outstanding Teacher

Debbie has a special way that bonds her with students. As a beginning student seeking only greater physical flexibility I was skeptical about the spiritual side of yoga. Yet Debbie's method and manner, while it includes these aspects, did not thrust it on me. As a result I began to appreciate that side of yoga more and more on my own. She keeps a very balanced approach between the body and the mind/spirit allowing students to follow their own journey.


I witnessed her work with beginners and advanced students alike noting how she dealt with all in a manner that seemed personal and responsive to every level. Her true gift is in teacher training. She has constructed a rigorous, demanding program that, for those who complete her certification, produces skilled, dedicated, and extremely professional teachers. Her students, beginners and advanced alike gravitate to Debbie. As mentioned, she has a way, a manner that draws people to her and her art. No matter where you are -- a beginner just exploring the value of yoga or and an advanced student making the leap to instructor you could not find a better teacher than Debbie Forrestt.

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Perfect Balance

I just started yoga two years ago. Debbie is my first teacher and I attend her "Gentle Healing" class. What I value most about her classes are:
- She creates a sense of community amongst the class.
- There is an endless variety to her classes which always allows for learning new things and never getting bored with a specific routine.
- She does a great job of teaching the concepts of yoga, both the physical and the spiritual.

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Great Yoga

I took a teacher training course from Debbie and it was fantastic! She covered everything from yoga philosophy to form. The asanas she taught gradually got more challenging as the class gained experience. Some of us in the class had far less experience than others and Debbie was able to discern each persons strengths and weaknesses and guide us accordingly. I highly recommend Debbie's teacher training course.

If you just want to do yoga, get ready for the challenge. Debbie's classes Are energetic and informative, with lots is hands on adjustments to help insure you are in the best possible form for your body and experience level. Fans say "Must Go!"

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Song bird

Deb is one of the best instructors I've practiced with. In my last posting only 1 star showed in my review , she is a 5 star instructor .

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Best Yoga Teacher

Debbie is the best yoga teacher I have every had. I feel very fortunate that I learned from someone as knowledgable as Debbie.

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World Class Yoga Teacher in Topeka

Debbie Forest is a world class yoga teacher. Her natural sense of humor along with the wisdom she's garnered from a life fully lived, invigorates, educates and challenges her students in a most entertaining way. I am grateful for the time I've had to study with her.

She has extensive understanding of body mechanics which she integrates into her practice and into her Thai Yoga Massages. As one of my friends shared with a fellow building contractor, "I've had chronic shoulder pain for years from all the painting I do. Deb taught me how to fix it myself!" Now that's what I call a great teacher!
--Carol Bradbury

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You wont be disappointed

Debbie is a holistic yoga teacher, meaning that she is a wealth of knowledge both in the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of yoga. Her experience and passion for yoga run deep. You get more value with her classes than any teacher I have been to.

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Dedicated teacher

Debbie is a excellent yoga teacher. She is very knowable caring and fun. I've studied with her for more then ten years.

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A beautiful, fun loving & knowledgeable teacher

Debbie Forrestt is a delightfully energy-filled, fun loving and extremely knowledgeable Yoga teacher. Her commitment to proper alignment has been a saving grace for many of her students, She works with each of her students where ever they are in their personal journeys in life and in Yoga and provides loving & caring instruction. Yoga is her life and she loves to share it.

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Excellent Instructor

Very knowledgable and experienced. Over 11 years of experience, with Debbie. Strong, confident, effective presenter. Kind, funny, light hearted. Also, sends out great news letters and is very professional. Highly recommended.

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Articulate, knowledgeable and friendly

Debbie Forrest was my first Yoga instructor other than what I would do on PBS. It was some years ago, I walked into her studio. She always made me feel welcomed, appreciated and I would always leave her studio with a better body, mind and spirit. I've had many instructors since she moved out of town, but Debbie is on the top of my list and I consider her one, if not the best.
Bruceann Yellowega, Phoenix AZ.