Debbie Fowler

United Kingdom
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Born in Canada, enjoys traveling around India and lives part of the year in the UK. A yoga teacher without a studio - the world is my studio!
I enjoy sharing my yoga skills, exploring my abilities and learning something everyday. Honoring my teachers, I instruct with a philosophical approach, explaining symbolism and the connection of breath, movement, relaxation and meditation.
Where ever I may be I offer traditional hatha yoga classes, meditation sessions, yoga nidra and mantra chanting (bhakti yoga). Sessions can be tailored in any way to encourage relaxation, peace, vitality and overall well being.
I also enjoy being outdoors, getting together with family and friends, preparing and offering food and exploring new things everyday :)


Average: 4.0 of 5 stars
Fantastic classes

I have been to other Yoga classes but can honestly say that I have never benefited from any of them as much as I have from Debbie's fantastic Yogadivya sessions. Debbie teaches with humour, patience and sensitivity, making her classes both entertaining and educational - everyone has fun and a giggle but also really learn about the asanas and the thinking behind the practice of Yoga.


I suffer from some back pain due to my stressful and desk bound job - but after one of Debbie's classes I can be pain-free for several days and feel just amazing. I really miss the classes when she is off on her travels and am always happy to see her return. In short, I cannot recommend Debbie enough - everyone should have the chance to experience the joy and spirituality of her teaching.