Debbie Hirl

Plano, TX
United States

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Physical activity has always been a part of my life. I grew up swimming, playing tennis, golfing and riding bikes. I have participated in several 10K+ races and numerous cycling events. With all the strenuous aerobic exercise I decided I needed some balance (literally).
I started seriously incorporating a yoga practice into my weekly routine about 6 years ago. Inspired by one of my teachers I enrolled in a 200 hr. YTT class. Upon gradution I started teaching.
I currently teach 3 slow burn vinyasa classes, one yin/restorative class and one therapeutic yoga class for cancer patients and survivors.
I love seeing my students grow in their practice and begin to reap the benefits of yoga. My classes focus on body awareness to enhance and improve sports performance, concentration and over all health. I do this by using slow meditative movements which improve the personal connection between mind, body and breath.


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