Debbie Parsons

Chattanooga, TN
United States
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In 2001, I started a "workout" called yoga. Since then I have evolved from "doing" yoga to letting it be a guiding light allowing me live a life full of love and joy!

I was someone who was insecure, shy, a party girl (to cover up my shyness), a drinker and smoker, lonely, and quite lost in general. Yoga was the catalyst for pulling me out of my darkness and to place of pure joy and radiant love! I feel blessed everyday for the lessons it continues to teach me.

While I appreciate the therapeutic properties of the asana practice, for me, the true healing began when I delved deeper into the heart of yoga and its ancient teachings as spelled out in The Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita. Once I put these teachings into play in my life I began to flourish!

My intention when I teach is to merge the depth of the teachings with the therapeutic postures and allow the student to inquire within themselves about their own challenges and limitations, shining the light on those dark areas making it then available for them to choose whether to accept their strife or to choose something else. Life is just that, a smorgasbord of choices. Until we recognize our own ability to do so we will continue to lead a life of struggle.

Debbie is dedicated to bring the heart of yoga to all she comes into contact with. Even if it's just by example.

She teaches weekly classes for all levels, workshops on topics such as Beginners alignment, Pranayam (breath techniques), and Yoga Nidra (guided meditation).

Debbie has studied with some of the most heartfelt influential teachers in yoga including Max Strom, Ilabandhu, Panditji Ramani Tigunait, Bhagavan Das, Krishna Das, and her teacher Yoganand. She continues her training in Meditation as well as applying Universal Laws with the help of Yoga.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

18 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Everyone's favorite! Debbie is always encouraging. She speaks frequently about not always going deeper into a pose but instead going to your edge, backing off a bit, and therefore choosing safety and proper alignment over all else. Her classes always teach me something new and/or provide food for thought.

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I have been taking private lessons with her for several years now, and I am constantly amazed at her intuition at what type of class I need on a particular day. She often incorporates flow, yin, restorative and hatha styles. Sometimes very physically challenging and sometimes very relaxing. I enjoy practicing with her, and have learned a lot from her. I am grateful that I found such a wonderful teacher and friend.

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Debbie Parsons!!! Yogi Extraordinaire!!

A couple of years ago, my partner and I wanted to start taking yoga classes to help with our back issues. We went to check out Full Circle in Winter Park, Florida and was greeted by a cute, bubbly girl named Debbie. We explained our situation with our backs, and, that we had never taken yoga before and we were a little hesitant, being beginners. Debbie made us feel comfortable right away.


She said that the beginners class was very mild, very healing and there was no judging of others in yoga. We decided to try it out. From the very beginning of the class, we were told that the whole purpose of yoga was to connect to your inner divine. Everything that we do in the class is to remain within the context of your own mat and do not worry or judge anything or anyone around you. Well...we've been taking Debbie's class for 2 years now, and neither of us has had to see doctor about our backs. We feel so comfortable there because of Debbie's teachings. So if you've ever considered Yoga...get thee to one of Debbie's classes now. No matter if your Black, White or Beige, Teen, Adult or Senior, Gay, Straight or Bisexual, Fat, Thin or Muscley, you WILL be made to feel welcome, comfortable and connected to your own INNER DIVINE!!!

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Excellent Instructor

I have been to many yoga classes with various instructors, however, Debbie is by far the best all around instructor! She explains the physical benefits of poses, adjusts poses with permission, allows and demonstrates alternate poses, honors individual limitations but also encourages exploration of new boundaries, and is truly an excellent yoga instructor. I am blessed to have learned so much from her.

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Debbie is a wonderful yoga teacher. Her dedication and commitment are evident in each class, always has a smile and, very mindful of the practice and the students. Debbie is the calm in a world that is much too busy.

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Debbie changed my life!

Debbie embodies everything that is amazing and good about yoga. She is so warm, friendly, and compassionate. She really helped me change my life and even when my schedule does not allow for me to attend classes often, her teachings are always with me!

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A Rare Gem

Debbie is a teacher who brings the true essence of yoga to all of her classes and workshops. Not only do I have the pleasure of being her student on a regular basis, but she is a yoga teacher at Harmony Yoga Studio where I am the owner. In addition to her extensive skills as a yoga teacher, her level of professionalism off the mat is of the highest integrity. I adore her, the students love her, and she is truly a rare gem.

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Yes, just go

Debbie is as sweet and good as they come. She also happens to have a black belt in HUGS!!!

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Why I love Debbie.

Debbie Parsons is the perfect Yoga teacher. She is patient and kind and experienced. I always feel great after I am with her.

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I love Debbie!

I have taken many, many classes with Debbie over the past 5 years. Her demeanor is sweet, warm and welcoming. Her instruction is clear and comes from the heart. All of Debbie's classes are lovely and her Nidra classes are simply heavenly. Accessible for beginners (hers was the first class I ever took and I was immediately in love with the practice) and still equally as wonderful 5 years later. I credit Debbie for a beautiful introduction to the wonderful world of yoga.

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Thank you, Debbie!

Debbie introduced me to yoga and was so grateful to have this introduction through her. I needed gentle, guiding yoga and that is what I received.

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Beautiful soul and wonderful teacher!

Debbie is not only an amazing teacher, but truly studies the spiritual teachings behind yoga. She has so much to share and I have never seen her without a smile. Her knowledge and years of experience shine in every class.

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Deb has a beautiful spirit, is very professional and knowledgeable. I look forward to all of her classes and I refer clients to her regularly.

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Debbie is an outstanding Yoga instructor who is focused on her students form and enjoyment.

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The Best!

Debbie was my first yoga instructor and I have yet to find another one to compare. She is so soothing and serene that when I leave her class I feel as if I have had an amazing spiritual experience.

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Mindful teacher

I have been practicing yoga for 14 years and have moved beyond the poses of yoga. Debbie is very mindful and its always about how does it feel. Not how many tricks can you do. I especially enjoy her yoga nidra practice. Very yummy! She is very safe for those first time students. She brings a very feel good vibe to her classes. Namaste LB

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the best ever teacher

Debbie is one of the few yoga teachers I have met in my treks across the globe that does it right. She lets the yoga be "your Practice" and works with you body.
Spiritually her teaching connect the body and brain. You leave her class refreshed and peaceful. She is very informed about the different types of yoga and can incorporate them into her class at any time during the session.
Sheer perfection!

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Just the right balance!

I've been taking classes from Debbie Parsons for ten years and have found her consistently committed to her students' well-being and development, both on and off the mat.

She's a kind, effective, safe teacher, who offers those in her classes appropriate challenges while always reminding them of equally-appropriate modifications for every pose.

Her heart as well as her mind are always present whether she'd guiding new or experienced yogis and yoginis through their practice.