Debby Lewis

Brisbane QLD
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As the daughter of a yoga teacher I began practicing Yoga over 25 years ago. So Yoga has been part of my life for almost as long as I can remember.

I have practiced a number of styles with some talented and gifted teachers both in Australia and internationally. I completed my 350 hour Yoga teacher training at The Yoga Den in Brisbane with Kate Pell and Dan Alder and have been continuing my journey as a teacher and a forever inquisitive student since 2013.

I truly love Yoga and sharing its incredible power. I hope that from my classes you will not only benefit from a strong and supple body but will also notice a lightness in your bring and mind; letting your inner light shine.

I moved to Sydney from England in 2000 - I have been blessed to have some wonderful Yoga teachers from around the world during this time and these teachers have influenced my Yoga greatly and offered me some wonderful knowledge to draw from. It has also enabled me to keep a state of mental clarity and physical balance during stressful periods in my life.

I enjoy practicing many styles of teaching from strong vinyasa to nurturing restorative; I love to connect with the breath and provide a focus on effective alignment whilst working with your own unique body type and requirements.

Yoga teaching for me is a lifelong practice, and my journey of Yoga teaching is as an ongoing student - attending workshops, Yoga
classes and training to develop my knowledge of Yoga asana, philosophy, anatomy, meditation, and to deepen my practice of Yoga and teaching. Practicing a number of styles including iyengar yoga, vinyasa and restorative.

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