Deborah Caruana

NewYork Manhattan, NY
United States

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Private Yoga Lessons
In Asana Practice develop a compassionate and loving relationship with your body, spirit mind.
1. Learn to relax while you allow 25 yrs of experience to embrace and teach all styles of yoga,while you perfect and deepen your practice. Experience heartfelt hands on assistance.
2. Experience bliss while wringing out tension, challenging your self, de-stressing, and lengthening, healing, breathing.
3. Prepare for your session saving time and relaxing at home until I arrive.
4. Choose, an alternate location if it works better, I have a lovely studio, the park or your rooftop.
5. I offer skype sessions too.
6. Experience awesome pranayama, meditations, inspirational readings, philosophy and chants if/ when requested.
7. Get undivided attention
with the space and freedom to ask questions, learn and move at your own pace.
9. There is no competition in private sessions!.
10. Have sequences designed for your needs as you listen to either or inspirational philosophy, or choice.
11. End feeling empowered, peaceful, inspired, rejuvenated, motivated, centered, energized
12. Receive bonus services including a one-on-one initial consultation and assessment, progress updates, feedback on sessions, commitment rewards, and unlimited email support.
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If the original yogis’ practiced private yoga with their teachers, since they created and designed it, maybe we should practice it like they did to get the most from our journey!


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