Deborah Charnes

Hill Country, TX
United States
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From the Windy City via Miami and South America to San Antonio/Hill Country, Deborah Charnes (C-IAYT, E-RYT 200/RYT 500) has been a yoga, meditation and pranayama (deep breathing) enthusiast everywhere she has lived. She brings to her students a broad variety of learnings -- in English and Spanish.

One of the few certified Yoga Therapists in San Antonio/Hill Country, Deborah is passionate about helping people feel better, physically and emotionally. While she can help people with many different areas of dis-ease, she has additional experience and research focusing on yoga for blood sugar management and digestive issues.

She guides her yoga students (from children to near-centenarians) in corporate, group and private class settings, in English or Spanish, in Texas, Mexico and Central America. For her yoga therapy clients, she conducts a 90-minute intake which includes postural evaluation and muscle testing. Then, she creates a customized action plan and lifestyle tips.

Additionally, she offers signature therapeutic workshops at The Namaste Getaway In Wimberley, Texas to manage weight, blood sugar, bone health, stress, and digestive disorders.

Deborah's approach is broad, and includes the wisdom of East and West. She completed an Ayurvedic studies program at Sivananda in Southern India where she studied Ayurveda and practiced the eight branches of yoga, daily. She completed her teacher training at the Yandara Institute in Mexico, and Yoga Therapy with The Wisdom Method. She has a great appreciation for Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Exercise, and incorporates those learnings into her sessions, too.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Deborah was great

Deborah is wonderful. She helped me with some issues I had with pain in my hip and back. She is an amazing instructor, very kind, caring, and didn't push me beyond my limitations. The sessions I had with her gave me a lot of relief from the physical pain I was in.

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Seek and ye shall find!

Yogis, relax in a spa-like experience with Deborah. Choose your level of mastery while Deborah artfully guides you through poses, and expertly monitors your application. Choose to be adjusted, choose to be treated to aromatherapy. Enjoy the authentic sounds collected from Deborah's exotic travels. The best gift I always take away after revelling in this magnificent retreat is a peaceful, restful sound slumber, my soul always nurtured, my cells always singing ... NAMASTE

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Great Instructor

Deborah was a great instructor who really knows about the various poses and how they help the body, as well how to safely perform them. She was very attentive to my personal needs as well.

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Yoga with heart

Deborah's experience shines through her classes. She draws upon considerable knowledge and cultural sensitivity. She precedes classes with calming thoughts and reflections on local or current events, helping us shed the burdens of contemporary life. She composes unusual multicultural playlists to which I may move or chant, with her encouragement. She has a good heart and shares it.

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Thank you!

I became to be a yogi when I started to take yoga with Deborah almost 2 years ago, with the yoga practices, the spiritual focus and the workshops, I changed my life for good. thank You Deborah, Namaste!


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The model I use to gauge my yoga instructors

I had been practicing yoga off and on for about 2 years when I walked into Deborah Charnes class at the YMCA. What I difference. Over the years I have learned so much from her. She is a true teacher, ready to not only instruct a class, but to impart knowledge. To her, yoga is not just physical but also mental. She truly embodies the entire philosophy and enjoys imparting her expertise.


She also knows how to make a practice fun, by showing you different yoga styles in addition to practicing to music from different genres. I learned a lot during the yoga therapy practices. The challenge of holding poses is worth the experience plus I really enjoyed learning about the philosophy behind yoga therapy. In times of stress I find myself going back to something Deborah has talked about in class or helping me because I can almost hear her in my head leading me through a guided meditation. Deborah is the model I use to gauge my yoga instructors. I have only encountered a couple instructors close to her expertise and practices I really enjoy.