Deborah (Debbie) Patton

Redlands, CA
United States

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I am passionate about yoga and dedicated to my practice. What I love most is to share yoga with others. Yoga has so many physical and mental benefits for all ages, physical fitness levels, and experience levels. My mission is to make it accessible to anyone who wants it.

I have experience leading group classes and working with students in a private setting. I teach holistic yoga flow, power and yin. During this last year, I co-owned and operated Space Yoga (a free yoga school). Now, currently I own and operate Yoga Anonymous. Yoga Anonymous makes yoga accessible to the local community.

My teaching style encourages my students to practice self-acceptance, self love, and compassion. I encourage people to come as they are and start where they are at and realize it is that simple. Strength will come with dedication and practice.

Please consult your doctor before undergoing any new physical activity.


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