Deborah Layton

Morgantown, WV
United States

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ERYT-500 Yoga Teacher with long-time study in Iyengar, vinyasa and viniyoga traditions, currently teaching in the viniyoga tradition only. I love teaching beginners and students over 50. No one is too old, inflexible, or grumpy for yoga. Yoga is not one size fits all--but some size fits almost everyone.

In addition to viniyoga, I am a certified teacher of several Movement Intelligence programs and the Sounder Sleep System, both of which are based on the Feldenkrais Method. I teach BodyMind Centering Embodied Developmental Movement and Yoga as well as some other somatic education programs. I am also a certified professional aromatherapist and board-certified massage therapist, specializing in shiatsu and aromatherapy massage.

I offer continuing education for both massage therapists and yoga teachers.


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