Deborah Sommerhalder

Oshkosh, WI
United States

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Deb took her first yoga class with her daughter and soon discovered that yoga was what she was looking for in her personal and professional life. With a 20 year background in the fitness industry teaching aerobics and prenatal classes Deb went on to become certified to teach yoga and is a member of the Yoga Alliance. In January 2004, Deb founded and opened Inner Sun Yoga in Oshkosh.

For Deb's soul and love of Bhakti Yoga she attended David Newman's (Durga Das) Kirtan college and Sean Johnson's BhatImmersion. For her love of adventure she learned to fly and teach aerial yoga and opened the first aerial yoga studio in the Fox Valley! Deb is certified in Level 1 Aerial Yoga though Cathy Gauch of Aircat. She has done more advanced training with Deena Marcum of MOTH (Movement of the Heart) Aerial Yoga and Rebecca Leigh of Flying Buddha Fitness. For Deb's long time passion of flow yoga infused with spirit she recently received teacher training in "Embodying the Flow", a Shiva Rae module with Aubee Saia. Deb is also certified in Thai Massage Bodywork and Christouch Energy Healing. She is excited to provide the first Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in the Fox Valley!

Deb enjoys teaching modalities from a variety of yoga styles that she practices. She acknowledges her students needs, providing them the space to explore their practice and advance at their own pace. Thru breath, movement and meditation Deb helps them learn to listen to their body so they open their heart or "inner sun" and discover the true connection to who they are. With patience, dedication and a regular yoga practice, Deb believes that everyone has the opportunity to find strength, healing, balance, and peace.


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