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Hi, I’m Debs Fawcett, the creator of Soul Harmony Yoga. I live in Albany, Western Australia.
At Soul Harmony Yoga we have developed a website of creative online yoga, relaxation, meditation and holistic health resources then lovingly and thoughtfully bundled them up in easy to follow courses. Our website continues to be populated with courses filmed in areas of outstanding natural beauty in Australia.

Why do our online courses? The beauty of our website is:
* You feel supported by your 24/7 go-to resource which will guide and support you in all areas of your holistic health and self-care as and when you need it

You choose when your practice is right for you

* Choose to play back a posture and ensure a better alignment; knowing you can enjoy a safe yoga practice

* Enjoy an undisturbed yoga practice, go as deep as you wish in the privacy and safety of your own home. Create a space that’s perfect for you to practice in.

* No travelling to do and less time needed to take a yoga class leaving more time for your family, friends and important life stuff

* Take your yoga practice in the sunshine, on a beach or a beautiful backdrop in nature as you practice, even if it’s raining outside

*Be gently reminded that your needs are important and that when you give yourself some ‘me’ time everyone else around you benefits

* Enjoy a creative ‘yoga’ practice and choose from our relaxation, meditation and health courses to support you when your energy is low and a physical practice is not what you need.

* Do your yoga on any day of the week including bad hair days

* Save more time by staying in your PJ’s if you wish

At Soul Harmony Yoga we are so much more than simply being on your yoga mat. As a qualified Holistic Health Practitioner, Dru Yoga teacher and, intuitive teacher, I invite you to step into your present self, to open your body, stretch out and release the tension, strengthen your body and mind and explore the possibilities of what life brings you when you are balanced, at peace and clear.

I have practised Yoga for over 24 years initially beginning my practice whilst I was completing my final exams at University. At this time I felt so calm as I went through, what can be, quite a stressful time. I felt balanced and relaxed in my practice and that has not changed to this day.

After practicing for over 17 years I decided to become a teacher. I’m a natural teacher by nature and have worked in education, I’ve been a swimming teacher and coach and I seem to end up teaching whatever I love doing. I began to teach yoga as I wanted to integrate it into every part of my life and teach others how to do the same. I qualified in 2011 with a 200 hour Dru Yoga Teaching Certificate. Thus, Soul Harmony Yoga was born.

I have Masters Degree in Holistic Health, and I am a qualified Dru Yoga Teacher. I’m part of the Dru Professional Network which guides my professional practice as a Yoga Teacher. I love integrating a wider knowledge of health and wellbeing into my teachings so you can approach your practice from a holistic space.

My online yoga and meditation classes and workshops reflect the patterns and seasons of nature. I love connecting to nature in my teachings using visualisations and references to all the beauty of nature that is around us. It helps you to become aware of, and more in tune with, the natural rhythms of the world around you. Nature is a free and powerful tool to help us become more energised and balanced and this is a large part of what we do at Soul Harmony Yoga.

Being a Yoga Teacher requires discipline to be in a place of clarity, peace, and balance. I love that this is required in my everyday life and teaching inspires me to be my best as often as I can. I love the fact that as a community of Yogis we get to bring more peace into the world. We get to feel amazing together and I feel this can only be a good thing in our world today.

I am a scientist at heart with a passion for health. Everything I create and teach is a fusion of theory, intuition, and personal practice. My aim is to create a community where you feel welcome, where you know you belong and where you can be safe and appreciated within a group of like minded people.

I offer online yoga and meditation classes and workshops. My classes will guide you through a beautiful practice to develop your strength, clarity and peace within. My workshops are for those who wish to delve a little bit deeper into the topic at hand, for those who would like to explore the inner stillness and access their deeper inner wisdom. These workshops offer a space for students to build their own practical knowledge of how best to care for their own health and wellbeing, making small, simple, practical changes at the pace that feels right for each individual.

I warmly invite you to become a member of Soul Harmony Yoga, join me in my online classes and workshops so that you too can develop your strength, clarity, and peace within. Members benefit from a free membership of our Online Yoga Community Facebook Page. See our courses page for available courses and details of individual lessons and workshops plus visit our shop for our E-Books.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

2 Reviews

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