Deep Deka


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Visionary for the India yoga festival, Bhakti Camp & Bhakti Pilgrimage. Growing up in a traditional Indian family with mantras, kirtans and bids (spiritual rituals) I have a deep desire to go deeper and to share what small knowledge I have about this practice With others. Living in the black forest part of germany for the last four years Helps him to relate to the values ​​of the otherside of the planet and inspires him to show His own motherland, ITS spiritual grounds and cultures to the people of the west. Getting an early start to the yoga asanas and pranayama practice at an age of 6 years With His father in Indian family, practice in field has-been esta Also a part of His Life. Learning under various yoga masters in India Deep likes to put the devotional aspect of Yoga with the asana practices With moola mantra chanting and mantras During the asana and pranayama practice


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