Deepa Maria

San Diego, CA
United States

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Blissful, was how Deepa Maria felt after her first Svaroopa® Yoga class in San Diego. She had trained as an herbalist and studied many alternative health techniques searching for anything to relieve the constant, chronic, deep pain she lived with every day for years.

The lasting effects she felt after this first class were astonishing. Intrigued, she took a few more classes. For the first time in years, she found that it was possible to not only live pain free but to also have a genuinely lighter more positive mind. Deepa decided she wanted to share this wonderful and gentle way to access "the bliss within" with as many people as she could.

Deepa is certified as a Svaroopa® Yoga teacher (CSYT-700) and yoga therapist. Her initial training was at Master Yoga Academy, in La Jolla, California and continues with Master Yoga Teacher Institute. Deepa has taught yoga in groups and privately to people of all ages and abilities since 1998 at various locations in San Diego county, Costa Rica, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC.


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