Deidre DeBuhr

Portland, OR
United States

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Deidre DeBuhr
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I’m a Colorado native that came to yoga 3 years ago, first seeing it as a physical challenge but quickly learning the internal changes that come with a dedicated practice. Outside the studio I cultivated an incredible sense of calm, focus, and mental strength. Having been inspired by teachers who taught classes that incorporated the eight limbs of yoga, I decided that I wanted to inspire others in the same way. After moving to Portland in May 2014, I discovered Hot Yoga For Life and was quickly welcomed into the community first as a karma yogi and later as a member of the Teacher Training program. I became certified in Hatha and Vinyasa this fall and am excited for the opportunity to share my passion with other classes are fun, make you feel empowered, and inspire body awareness by listening to that inner voice for when to push forward and when to hold back. Having a strong practice in arm balances and inversions I will offer up and encourage students to begin incorporating these kinds of poses in their practice.

Outside of yoga I enjoy spending time outdoors, biking, hiking, gardening, and berry picking. I also enjoy climbing, making good food with good people, and am passionate about environmental topics.

Come feel more and just be, I'll be honored that you came to share your yoga journey with me.


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