Demetra Zavogianni


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I was born and raised in Athens. I started practicing yoga when my interest to see life from different aspects made me explore an holistic approach to personal transformation.
My journey as a teacher began at 2012 in Germany,more specific Berlin, where I attended my first Ashtanga Yoga Teacher's Training.
Pranayama, Zazen meditation and Chanting are the three elements that enhanced to my daily practice.
Since 2014 and almost every year, in addition to my daily teaching and practice, I attended three more Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Trainings - for First and Second Series of Ashtanga Yoga- in Greece and abroad.
On 2016 the European Academy of Ashtanga Yoga gave me an authorization to teach Ashtanga Yoga.
I am a member of the Greek community of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Association.


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