Denise Bunner

Edinboro, PA
United States

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Denise Bunner is a License Professional Counselor, Registered Yoga Teacher and Karuna Reiki Masrer. Denise's life long interest in mental health and wellness has led her to devote much of her time to learning and practicing to be in tune with nature and herself. The practice of yoga has become an integral part of this journey. Denise has been working in the mental Heath field for 20 plus years as a therapist and advocate for mental wellness. The study of Reiki and other forms of energy medicine has helped Denise to find a deeper path of healing and wellness. Completing a 200 hour yoga teacher trading course has helped Denise to get closer to the truth of who she is. Denise's desire is to continue her study of yoga and to assist other yogi's in hir journey of self discovery.


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