Denise Davis-Gains

Cambridge, ON
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Through a lifetime of spiritual pilgrimage, Denise has learned to move gracefully and appreciate music, she enjoys a good story and was blown wide open when spirit, movement and sacred music met on the yoga mat in 1993. A Kripalu/Ashtanga inspired teacher, Denise walks a path towards wholeness & integration as a healer, yoga teacher, mentor and leader.

“Yoga is my dharma.”

Denise's journey towards yoga began with her studies in philosophy at Memorial University of Newfoundland. She has since acquired degrees from York University, Ryerson and Wilfrid Laurier University; she has studied sanskrit at McMaster University in Hamilton and writing at Naropa in Boulder Colorado. She has been teaching the movement arts since 1984. Denise brings a playful and grounded awareness into her classes while emphasizing presence and non-judgment. Her roots are in Kripalu and Ashtanga yoga, dance, fitness, creative movement and the juicy mystery of life. Denise has taught yoga to people from all walks of life ranging from palliative care patients to at risk youth, from movies stars to political figures, from seniors to cirque de soleil performers. Teaching is her gift.

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