Denise Morgan

Parlin, NJ
United States
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I am a Yoga Teacher. Certified through Yogafit International. I truly believe that Yoga can transform your mind, body and soul. My personal goal is to bring Yoga to as many people as possible. Yoga, meditation, Shaman work and a Vegan life style has completely changed my life.

I recently asked some of my clients to give me a word or two about class:) Here is what I got!
I never regret going-only missing class Rick
Best de-stresser ever! Sue Ann
Glad I take yoga
Sweaty Zen! DW
Fabulous JB
Wonderful RS
Flexing and relaxing
An important part of my life for health and well being Lynn T.
Accomplishment after every class Amy
mind and soul G G
rejuvinated and limber BW
Yoga stressless exercising Toni


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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Demonstrates More
Explains More
Very Friendly
More Hands off
Frequent Adjustments
New Teacher
Very Experienced
On the Wild Side
Safety Oriented
Body Focused
Very Spiritual