Denise Munoz

United States

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Denise came to yoga 8 years ago after an injury while weight training left her with 3 herniated disks and numbness in her right leg. A fellow gym goer mentioned utilizing Yoga to rehabilitate after a serious motor cycle accident. "Pain management brought me to Yoga, my life's journey kept me on the mat".

Denise has her MA in clinical psychology from Columbia University, her MSW from hunter college school of Social Work. Denise's goal was to practice clinically from an integrative Denise is a Reiki Master, studying under Paula M. Romano, of the Usui Lineage. Denise furthered her studies in somatic work by studying under Professor Anthony Sainz for 5 years, well known author and leader in the field of somatic therapy. Under Prof. Sainz Denise learned to understand how ones experiences, traumas and daily stressors impact the physical and emotional body leading to illness. Utilizing a technique called Vibrant breathing, Denise is able to access the tension
And stuck energy held in the body/mind allowing one to feel balanced ultimately supporting overall wellness and health.

The Goal of Launching Earth Yoga alongside her sister Estrella was to create a space for the community. In addition to working in one of the most amazing middle have the wonderful opportunity of teaching The Urban Zen class Sunday Mornings (10:00am at Earth).

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