With over 25 years of diverse experience in teaching, Denise draws from various practices and incorporates them into a rich and satisfying experience. Her philosophy on yoga is this; Find and face the challenges on the mat, so that we may live our lives effortlessly. Her guidance, wisdom and expertise are rare qualities, allowing students the opportunity to access and master the teacher within.

She is the founder and director of One Song Yoga teacher training, and has been graduating conscious leaders and teachers for over two

Services Offered

1on1 Yoga Basics - well cover everything -$14575 min   Book
1on1 Inversion clinics$14560 min   Book
Sun Salutations 4 Life$16590 min   Book
Groups of 4 fee per person$7575 min   Book
Groups of 5 and up$7590 min   Book

Location & Notes

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Notes: In a private setting we have the luxury of focusing on your desired outcomes and adjusting as needed