Denise Sheridan

Killaloe Clare

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I am a qualified children’s Hatha yoga teacher with 6 years experience teaching children. My yoga program incorporates yoga teachings and practice from Wai Lana ; Itsy Bitsy Yoga programs; Flowmotion Yoga for kids & Juliet Pelgrums Yoga instruction.
I also teach meditation and recreating our meditation journeys through drawing and painting.
Yoga is particularly empowering for children as it :
Builds flexibility & strength,Improves Posture,Creates Body Awareness
Introduces Deep Breathing – to calm the mind and deal with any stressful situations, Introduces Concentration techniques, Improves communication skills,Builds Self Esteem
Is a group activity however it is a non Competitive Discipline
Yogic Practise is very empowering for children with ADHD ; Autism or any other learning disorder as it maintains the group connection with the rest of the child’s class friends and still allows the child to learn at their own pace.


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