Denise Walters

United Kingdom

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Small World Yoga has been created by Birmingham-based Yoga teacher Denise Walters after she and her husband travelled around the world.
Inspired by the general fitness & well-being of people from Europe to the Middle East, India to Indonesia, Denise decided to combine some of their techniques together with her own style of teaching.
Classes are suitable for all - whether it's meditation from Nepal, tai-chi inspired movement from Vietnam or "whirling" from Turkey, there really is something for everyone.
About Denise:
I have been practicing Yoga for 16 years and teaching since 2009.
My own style of teaching is fun & flowing with a focus on strength building, body awareness and well-being. My classes are generally open to all abilities unless specified. I have a big interest in different styles of fitness and healing from around the world and these techniques are incorporated in to my Yoga classes. Everything is set to an inspiring soundtrack of music from around the world to uplift & energise the body & mind.


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