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My name is Deniz.
This morning I found you, Im not sure if you are hiring I hope you do.
I am a 25 year old yoga instructor(RYT 280 from Yoga Kioo Institut), a certificated life coach(Erickson Coaching Int) and an actress and a musician who is quite interested in astrology as well. I can work at the desk, or in the studio ir do the social media and photography and all kinds of sales.
I live in Istanbul at the moment but I am about to move out.
I am very worldly, even my type is very international which is a great opportunity as in presentability.
Amsterdam is my favorite city in the world and I would love it if I can be a part of yoga community in there.
I am a hard working girl with great communication skills and I am really excited about working with you.
I can do anything and everything you want me to, I really love working by my passions and im kind of a "Joker" when it comes to the fields I can work on.
I am learning Dutch at the moment and my English is fluent.

Here's my website so you can get more information about me:

I come to Amsterdam on every chance I get so interviewing me is not going to be a problem, I also have a golden visa which allows me to travel in europe without getting Schengen Visa like Turkish people do.
Also my mother is a very talented Yoga Instructor with 5 different certificates from different Yoga Instituts and she is also a Human Design reader. If im not what youre looking for, well maybe my mom is. She speaks fluent German, English and Italian.

I understand that hiring someone abroad could sound like it's not so easy but it actually could be! And also comes with many pros!
Please at least consider me with you.
I can get a ticket whenever you want to interview me.

Thank you, take care !



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