Desire Buk

United Arab Emirates
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With an academic background in Philosophy and a special interest in cognitive sciences I was always curious and fascinated by the ways mind works and found in yoga a perfect playground for such explorations. Re - connecting body and mind, moving awareness out of the cerebral, instrumental, and patterned space of our heads into an open, non-judging landscapes of the whole body offers endless opportunities to discover the depths of Self, to be with what is and process things as they are. Yoga is an inquiry into what it means to be alive, embodied, sensing, experiencing, focusing, engaging and interacting with life. The practice of presence.

My classes are relaxed explorations of this presence and are suitable for everyone. Sometimes strong and fluid & sometimes softer with long holdings but always slow and deep with emphasis on the experience of movement and sensations within. I love the rhythmic fluidity of Vinyasa, the static strength of Hatha and delicious depth of Yin – whichever the style I teach I tend to offer a blend of movement sequences through which we are strengthening, stretching, balancing, expanding, grounding and exploring energies within, returning to ourselves.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

22 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Beginner course

Desire is professional , kind an brings amazing energy to the class and to all the people around hei would recommend her always and her classes. Also her nidra meditation is awesome ❤️❤️

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Desire brings an amazing energy to her classes, she mixes strong rooted postures with smooth fluid transitions. She helps her student strengthen and deepen their practice and transforms it into a moving meditation! I love attending her classes:) she’s truly inspirational and full of happy vibes

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Balanced and Graceful :)

Desire has a unique approach to yoga... Her talent lies in her beautiful combination of strong postures with graceful transitions; making every class an inner journey. She guides her students by nurturing a healthy self confidence within the body and she inspires a balanced exploration of ones physical boundaries through the asanas. She is fond of experimentation, which makes all her classes interesting but above all she is grounded by inner strength that radiates throughout her sessions. Her flows at times resemble a complete meditative state witnessed in the body, when inner awareness is harmoniously paired with the breath. Love her classes and I'm sure anyone who tries them would love them too :)

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Beautiful person 🙏

I did my first vinyasa with Desire today and it was a graceful flow that I enjoyed fully! Thank you for your energy. Namaste.

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Simply Wonderful

Desiree is wonderful! She is friendly, supportive and kind. She pays close attention to everyone in the class and helps make even the slightest adjustments that bring large improvements. Her teaching is a perfect balance of awareness and challenge, you will leave every class feeling stronger mentally and physically. She radiates strength, warmth and positivity. During the class her calm direction fills the room and encourages you to reach higher levels of achievement. If you have the opportunity, join her class!

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Kind and strong

I am very picky when it comes to teacher, especially for vinyasa ‘cause it’s rare to find someone that knows where he/she is going during the flow and that is not turning the practice into a fitness session. Desire can achieve all of that. I love her slow controlled flow, her kind voice. In her vinyasa classes she combines a mellow pace with a strong practice that makes you sweat without realizing it. And she is there with you, always present and mindful. She gives and you feel it. Totally recommended.

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Desire always manages to strike the perfect balance between deep stretching and relaxation with her Yin yoga classes. Time after time Desire's classes leave you with an energized and grounded feeling that lasts the rest of the day! I couldn't recommend her Yin classes highly enough.

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Just the best

I always resented yoga until I met Desiree! She is so much more than an instructor, she is a guide and a coach, she made yoga a way of life for me and my husband. A session with Desiree is an hour of getting away from the stress of life, getting fit and feeling happy! She brings such positive energy and knowledge, I’ve never met someone with such impact! Addictive and enjoyable I hope more people experience it!

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Excellent for Begginers & Experienced

I started with no knowledge of Yoga and my experience with Desire was amazing, focused on spiritual and challenges me when she feels that i am ready.

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I love her way of teaching, calm and centered

Desire is excellent at teaching the poses in a clear and calm way. She ensures you understand the movements and always offers variations so you can push yourself when you want to and be gentle when you are tired. Desire is definitely one of the friendliest yoga teachers in Dubai, so welcoming and encouraging. This is the reason I break my normal routine of yoga early in the morning to later, just so I can match her classes. Hope to see more availability soon Desire :)

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The best yoga teacher in Dubai !!!!

I am attanding yoga classes of Desire for more than one year. I have been to different studious and tried to practice with different teachers in Dubai before. But have to admit that , the experience with Desire is truly amazing - I found the combination of physical and spiritual perfectly balanced. Desire is an accomplished tutor and one who is able to uniquely taylor her classes to suit the needs of all comers - as experienced people in yoga so the new ones. 10 out of 10!

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Desirée is magical. At the end of the first Hatha yoga class I took with her, I experienced the "child pose" for the first time in my life -after years of yoga practice -. "Clicks" like that keep happening to me ever since at Hatha either Vinyasa Desirée' s classes.


Her charming personality irradiates good vibes from the very first moment she enters in the class, creating a special loving energy for everyone to experience the best class. With a very deep knowledge in yoga, she explores movement in a fluid choreography, guiding you through a kind of cosmic dance, which allows you to explore the inner body and mind, finding that freedom within us that exists beyond the physical and mental limits.

Thanks, Desirée, for catching us the joy of celebrating our human nature; for your special energy and creativity; for those "miracles" that happen. And your beautiful voice that melts us in relaxation.

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Review for Desire Buk

Desire is very careful and watches all students in the class. She corrects each one individually when needed and gives a great importance to the correct performance of the exercise.
However, she respects each one’s limitations giving alternative ways to perform the exercise. By this way she can handle in the same class completely different levels of students.


But, for me the most important skill she has is the ability to balance the body and the spirit. In all exercises she gives attention to the breath and connects it to the movement of the body, allowing everyone to re-energize. And in the very end this is the idea about ioga: a bridge that connects the outside with the inside.
And she does everything with an immense pleasure and a beautiful smile in the face.

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Very nice personality and good hearted. The classes are perfectly explained . We feel relaxed and determinated to achieve a better level while still being safe by not going above our body limits. Desiree explains very well how to do the posture by demonstrating with a kind voice, which makes it easier and relaxed to achieve it. She is so nice and friendly, which makes you want to go to her classes everyday

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Great instructor. I look forward to her classes

I've been practicing yoga for several years and I was a former competitive gymnast. I love Desire's classes because they challenge my body and comfort my soul. She is a great teacher and on top of that she is friendly, patient, and approachable. I always learn something new from her classes, both physically and spiritually.

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I've started Vinyasa flow with Desire almost a year ago and I've noticed a huge improvement in my practice. She's full of knowledge and is willing to share it with all her students.
She focuses in listening to your own body to understand its limitations and helps you overcome them, while also exploring and developing your strengths.
I love her clases because they follow a smooth flow but are really intense at the same time :)

However, the most important of all is to see how passionate she is about what she does and how much she cares about her students well-being .
Thanks for your stunning energy Desire!

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More than a yoga teacher!

I first met Desire at 136.1 Yoga Studio in May 2016 then she was kind enough to be my private yoga instructor for a while. I attended her sessions both in group and individually.

My experience with Desire was personal as she was more than a teacher to me, I called her once "soul doctor" and she is! She even lent me her 1st yoga book and I loved it!


I highly recommend Desire not only because:
• She is very knowledgeable and teaches you the ins and outs of yoga asanas and other limbs of yoga
• She corrects you when you make a wrong move in class
• She invests time and energy in her students
• She leads amazing vinyasa flows (that might seem soft but trust me you will sweat!)
• She understands your body strengths and limitations and helps you overcome the latter
• She makes you look forward to her classes and to her yoga philosophy teachings.

But mostly because she listens to you! She is a genuine human being who constantly reminds you that yoga is a journey and acceptance as well as compassion sit at the heart of your practice and suddenly you realize that you are far stronger that you ever thought you were.

Take one class with her and you will never regret it!

Thank you Desire...

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I really enjoy Desire's Vinyasa Flow and Hatha classes. Great teacher takes the time to adjust your poses, without being pushy. There is something about her classes, that make you want to go that extra yard and make the effort. You really feel a workout!

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Desire's classes are truly a space where yogis can expand their practice at the same time as connect with their own selves. Desire encourages this through intuitive movement, sequences that open bodies and hearts. She softly guides and supports her yogis in a way that creates community and also a very safe and loving environment. Don't be fooled - her slow flows are anything but "easy" and Desire has a way of building your foundational strength in classes to support the softness of the rest her practice. I love Desire's classes and look so forward to them. Her yin and blindfolded classes are also incredible. Thank you for all your care and loving teaching Desire - you have been such a light on the path of my journey.

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A must try... and return...(I am addicted to her classes)

I found her after few years trying several teachers and I decided I found the teacher for me.
What convinced me?

-Her passion and knowledge. She is always learning and trying new things, and she shares all this knowledge with the students...

-She really check you are doing things correctly.

-Surely the best Shavasana I ever tried. She really puts attention to it and it is amazingly enjoyable. Never had this experience in any other class.

-Her beautiful energy that immediately changes your mood for the rest of the day.

-Somehow she attracts very positive students, so the class is full of amazing caring energy.

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Desire is the best Yoga teacher I ever had - so really loving her students and energy sharing with us. I feel peaceful, relaxed and energetic after these practices... the real peace in mind and soul!!!?

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

By far one of THEEE best instructors I've come across. It's instructors like Desire who make you want to return to the mat over and over again.
The end of each class leaves you smiling - inside and out. Always.