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Devananda Giri/Gehong葛洪was born in canada and at the tender age of 17 he travelled to India on a voyage of exploration that would change his life forever. This was phase 1 of his pursuit of lived in India a total of 12 years studying Yoga,Sanskrit classical language and Indian lived in the company of saints and pandits in monasteries and holy places across was in 1983 in kerala , south india that he met his illustrious SadGuru,Swami Prabhananda Giri.
Phase 2 of his quest began in Canada in 1987 with the study of chinese medicine,acupunture , japanese shiatsu massage and graduation from traditional chinese medicine college in Santa Barbara, California,Devananda went to Nanjing,China for further studies and that time he began to learn tai chi/taijiquan in china and up until today has followed different masters in his pursuit of excellence of most beloved and respected Taiji Master is Wang Qingyun of Beijing.
Devananda settled in china in 2001 and began to teach returns to canada once a year and studies with his teacher Master Mahyar Raz at the Iyengar Yoga Centre of also goes to India periodically for yoga studies,meditation and bath in the holy Ganga River at Rishikesh , style of yoga is mixed Iyengar,Hatha and Kundalini(Yogic techniques/kriyas and meditation).He has a wealth of knowledge from all his studies and travels which he is happy share with his students.
Devananda is presently settled in chengdu, sichuan province China.

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