Devika Valsaraj

United Arab Emirates
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An ardent student of Dr. Pradeep Ullal (), she applies her understanding of Himalayan Kriya Yoga and the therapeutic aspects of mindful movements to help her clients & teams release pent up emotional blockages, align their meridians & harmonize as a team. Himalayan Kriya Yoga combines the subtle yogic sciences of asanas, mudras, martial art movements, tapping and intense breathwork to achieve an aligned state of being. The use of calisthenics helps you tone your muscles to achieve a high level of self-empowered fitness that boosts self-esteem and confidence, whereas the use of ancient yogic practices of Nadi (meridian lines) alignment and internal resonance with Nada (science of vibrations) helps to align the energetic body and the mind into a state of liberated bliss and ease in flow. Yogic science postulates that one needs to practice at least 40 minutes of intense kriya to settle into an expanded state of stillness and awareness. We offer you a glimpse into a holistic system of living passed down by Yogis to remain in a supremely aligned state of mind, body and spirit.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

3 Reviews

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