Devon Reese

Milwaukee, WI
United States
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All that applies to nature applies to you. Release the notion that you and your environment are two separate entities. What moves the earth moves you. Land, fire, water, air, and ether – the five yogic elements. Begin to root yourself aside the very plants you will be watering, weeds you’ll be pulling, trees you’ll be staking. Soon you will learn the meditative benefits of all your good work. With patience, a careful eye, good vibes, and a steady work ethic, the barren clay can be transformed into rich, fruitful soil. If all goes well, by the end of your experience you will have grown just as much as the garden will.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Amazing teacher- highly recommend

I've known Devon for eight years now and with her calm nature, outgoing personality, and passion for yoga, it came as no surprise to me that her first time giving me a yoga lesson was an incredible experience and one of the best yoga lessons I have ever received (and I've been to countless yoga classes all over) Not to mention, she also happened to be volunteer-teaching 30 "at-risk" middle-schoolers from low-income areas at the same time as giving me this lesson, which is quite a challenge th


at only Devon could handle with a type of grace, and composure that captivated both these very beginner yoga practitioners and myself, an experienced yogi. I highly recommend Devon for teaching any level of yoga and can vouch for both her assured like-ability and expertise as a teacher.