Dezert Abrams

Lawrence, KS
United States
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After losing my mother I became passionate about taking care of myself. I joined a yoga studio and was encouraged by the instructor to get my own certification. I received my 200 HR in 2012 and started teaching in studios and fitness centers in Wichita. I have met many wonderful students and enjoy nothing more than helping others find their peace and practice.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Dezert cured my back pain!

I had been a consistent runner until I hurt my back and had to seek out other forms of exercise. I had never practiced Yoga before attending Dezert's class. She begins every class by checking for any new injuries or if there is anyone new so she can provide some extra assistance if necessary. This immediately helps calm the nerves of being the beginner in the class.


Dezert is dedicated to verifying that each student is in proper form, so that we stay healthy and get the most out of our practice. The energy she brings to every class is contagious and she has the biggest heart of any instructor I know. She takes the extra time to connect with her students on many levels and offer her support in a variety of ways. She not only cured my back pain, but she opened my eyes to the joy of Yoga!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Dezert's Intermediate Yoga classes

I have taken Intermediate yoga from Dezert off and on over the past few years. I always enjoy and can follow her flow. She both demonstrates and explains poses. She always makes an effort to make new participants to class feel both welcome and have a safe practice.

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Wonderful instructor

Dezert always makes you feel good about making it to class. Makes it fun to work through the poses, even when she goes dynamic on us. Will adjust what she was planning for the class depending on who is there. Does not have a set script to follow, just idea's. Does the poses with you to show but also walks around to adjust people to have a better pose or stance. She likes to have fun with the class and interacts with everyone in a friendly way and makes sure she does not invade anyone's personal space unless invited into it.

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Favorite yoga teacher!

Finding Dezert was the new beginning to my yoga practice. She helped me fall back in love with doing yoga.

Dezert always makes sure her students are doing things accurately and not causing injury.

She also does a great job of making everyone feel welcome. It wasn't long until she knew my name and even a bit about me.

I wish only the best for her future and that she continues to share her love of yoga with the world!

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Yoga Dezert

I've both enjoyed and benefitted from participating in Dezert's Intermediate Yoga class over the last year. Dezert explains and demonstrates all her moves very carefully and, in doing so, has led me to improve my poses and my transitions. She varies her practice so it's never boring. Although spiritual, she's focused on body/strength as well. Personally, she's one of the friendliest and caring individuals I've had the pleasure to know.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Energetic and knowledgeable

I have been going to Dezert's yoga classes for a couple of years. She is very strong in her knowledge of yoga and her ability to teach her yogis different poses in an "only do what's comfortable for you" manner. Always positive. Always smiling. . I adore Dezzert and give a gung-ho recommendation.