Dhruva Corrigan

Sag Harbor, NY
United States

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Dhruva Corrigan is a man from a small town called Sag Harbor, in the State of New York. It is an historic fishing village far out on Long Island (about 100 miles from New York City) that is sustained predominantly by tourism. He grew up in a house in the woods on top of a hill, enjoying the privacy of a fair bit of seclusion, as well as the support of a loving and caring local community.

Dhruva practices and teaches Ashtanga Yoga. He has been teaching for more than seven years, and continues to practice and study every moment of his life. He has had the pleasure of studying with Corey Derosa, Christopher Hildebrandt, David Swenson, Saraswathi Rangaswami, and Dr. Jayashree.

“I am passionate about learning new skills, and enjoy having a teacher. I have struggled to teach myself various skills, some of which have developed, and other of which have faded. I truly love learning from someone who is extremely experienced in a skill, and who loves their skill to such an intensity that they feel compelled to teach it – like an overflow of love.”

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