Diana Chaves

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I believe it is every being's right to be happy and to live life in Truth. My service is to help find that Truth hidden inside one's heart. Yoga is the Path.
I teach Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Soul sister

I only had one yoga class with Diana, the day I met her, and it was my second one and the best of my life. After that I started following her through her videos because of logistics and time issues. She's a great yoga teacher, but also a great spiritual counselor. I bless the day I met her, more and more as time goes by, I bet you'll feel the same.

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Diana Yoga

Often people ask me what kind of yoga I do, I say "Diana Yoga". She respects my individuality and my timing to achieve things and I just love her.

I usually give up quicky on my activities (max 6 months) but this one I'm going to keep, not yoga but Diana Yoga ;-) (almost 2 years).

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I've found my teacher of a lifetime

I consider myself lucky to have found Diana. There are so many yoga teachers in this world to choose from, but so few that are as unique as Diana. She truly goes above and beyond the status quo of most yoga teachers. Every one of Diana's yoga classes are special because they are infused with absolute presence, love and a profound respect for the spiritual development that is so often neglected by many yoga teachers.


Her compassionate presence is wonderfully augmented by an intelligent and warm sense of humor that puts her students at ease and fosters a sense of community among them. Her devotion to her students' physical and spiritual development is unquestionable. I have never met a yoga teacher who gives as much of herself as Diana does to her students. She is truly a person in service to her students, by contributing from her heart to a greater awakening of consciousness to all those that surround her. Her compassion, devotion and sense of humor are only matched by her technical expertise and understanding of asanas and the fluid transition between them. She has studied Prana Flow yoga with Shiva Rea and has brought this wonderful and exciting style of yoga to Portugal, breathing new life into Portugal's yoga scene. If you are looking for a yoga teacher who walks her talk, and gives of herself to ensure that her students reach new depths in their consciousness and explore the limits of their physical development in a loving, fun and friendly way, then I highly recommend that you try a class with Diana. You will not be disappointed!

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Smiling and learning with you...

Thank you Diana for being near me!

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Can't find a better teacher :)

It’s incredibly difficult to summarize my yoga experience with Diana in a few words. I am glad to say she changed my life for the better.
Her classes are amazing: Diana is really committed to what she does – all her passion and strength are present when she teaches yoga and I really feel capable of doing anything when she is explaining all the exercises with her sweet voice.


However, the most important thing for me is what Diana can give beyond the physical exercise – she have always showed me that I am the only one responsible for my peace of mind, for my emotions, my actions and my gestures. And that is what I take with me every day.
Practicing yoga with Diana is being sure that your way to your own consciousness (being self-aware of your body and mind) is beautifully guided.

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One of the best teachers I have!

Always learning something new to help me in my own journey.