Diana Doherty

Elmsdale, NS

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Diana Doherty, RHN, CR, CYI in 2012 named a VIP Member of Cambridge Who's Who for Excellence in Holistic Health and Wellness Services. Diana corrects diseases through the application of yoga therapy, CYI, nutritional counseling, RHN, and reflexology, CR services.

She has been instructing yoga classes since 2006 and is involved on a community level, interprovincial and internationally with leadership roles in Your Wellness Coach, Owner and operator since 2009. Co-chair position 2006 Novapol Institute Foundation, For Human Development, Solutions Outside the Box, Nova Scotia, Canada / Poland, Europe. In 2003 Co-Chair position held for Wise Women International Networking Association (WWIN) Bedford, Nova Scotia.

Diana likes to be creative with yoga, dance and music with classes of “Creative Dance Movement”. “Nataraja” The Yoga Dance Group, Choreographed Movement, Laughter Enthusiast, Producer of a Yoga DVD, “Diana’s Journey to Inter Peace” a moderate yoga practice, “The Path of Yoga”, television series. Diana teaches the following styles of yoga: Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga, Prenatal, Yoga Dance and Creative Movement.


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