Diana Van

Owings Mills, MD
United States

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Diana’s first experience with yoga started at UMBC in 2007. It was an introduction to Ashtanga yoga course that allowed her the first taste of what a yoga practice is all about, which further led to a regular yoga practice at a local gym, and that is where she discovered and fell in love with power vinyasa yoga. With a consistent practice of power vinyasa yoga, a powerful and energetic form of yoga where students fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting their breathing to their movements, Diana began to not only see the benefits of yoga physically, but also mentally and spiritually. It allowed her to clear her mind and settle into being her true self, and at the same time, it gave her a really good workout.

As a physical therapist, she understands that movement is vital in maintaining a vibrant, healthy lifestyle and feels the drive to impart that critical aspect of living through teaching yoga to the community at large. Though she has no background in dance, gym or any other movement-based activity, she instantly loved how she can move her body fluidly and skillfully through different movement-based patterns and how the breath connects all movements together. She wholeheartedly believes the power of yoga lies within the breath.

Diana uses power vinyasa yoga to empower and guide students in exploring and discovering the link between mind, body and spirit within themselves. Using yoga as a moving meditation, Diana provides students the space to grow into their best, radiant self and to find the grace within their own power.


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