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PRIVATE CLASSES IN YOUR HOME. My yoga classes are organize on different topics that focus on how to join and been aware of the connections between the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Always remember that "our biology is our biography" (Anatomy of the Spirit- Caroline Myss). I focus a lot on mastering the breath and finding the personal balance in the asanas (postures) according to the possibilities of the clients body. In my yoga practice we mix dynamic movements with flowings and staying long in yoga postures with long deep breathings; this mixture gives you the possibility to workout your body, clear and detox connective tissues, break mental patterns, and go directly to the nervous system to open blockages and relax it allowing all the energy to run without obstacles and this gives clarity of mind, physical balance and strengh of Spirit. My yoga classes are an enjoyable tool for everyones life it does not matter the experience you have in yoga, every practice is unique and it is for everyone, who wants to go deeply in discovering the wonderful journey of THE SELF. I focus on teaching to people who are experiencing or want to experience a deep transformation in their lives to reach peace of mind, acceptance of body and LOVE and JOY of Spirit. Also I give BREATHING TECHNIQUES THERAPY sessions that allow you to discover the beauty and uniqueness of your Spirit. The BREATH is our life, is what we are, through breathing you open a new path in your life, and you begin to discover and open, the close doors of your subconscious where our wisdom is, THE BREATH is the door to join the physical body with the mental and the emotional bodies. Yoga is a technology of life a commitment with ourselves to develop a life in awareness, respect, love, peace and harmony.


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