Diandra Armitage

Boston, MA
United States
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Diandra's introduction to yoga and meditation began in 2005 while exploring new ways to work through an eating disorder. Her love for yoga is an affair that has continued to grow deeper through the years. Fueled by passion and curiosity, Diandra has trained internationally in the areas of yoga, bhakti, tantra, ayurveda, personal development, nutrition, holistic living, Central and South American shamanic healing, and energetic work. With gratitude and love she brings to her classes the knowledge she has gained from her experiences and many master teachers, notably Shiva Rea, Sean Corn and Gurmukh Khalsa. In addition to yoga, Diandra is a Level II Reiki practitioner and certified holistic health counselor, often times weaving these practices into her classes.
Diandra's commitment is to inspire others to tap into their inner power, to connect to their hearts and to mindfully unite mind, body and spirit. Her lively yet soft presence, enthusiasm, and humor, coupled with her knowledge and sensitivity will lead you through a practice that is true, sacred and invigorating. The theme of her classes vary, but the understanding between Diandra and her students remains the same: Be true, be you, be here, be now.

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