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Labrador QLD
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Welcome to Broadwater the age of 19, my mother took me to a yoga class in 1983. Soon after, we attended a Swami Sarasvati retreat to see this pure yoga TV goddess in person. Then sporadically over the years I would seek out a class whilst moving around the globe, or working on islands and boats. Whilst in London in the mid-90's I signed up for a four week beginner course at the Sivananda Ashram where there was much emphasis on philosophy & spirituality. Fast forward to 2010 & rekindling my practice to a much more regular routine, it was then I felt the calling to study more in depth due to the incredible benefits I was discovering. It took a few years to decide on when & how, however now as a qualified & registered teacher of yoga, I get to share it with people like you in the most gentle and flowing way.

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