Dileepkumar Thankappan

New York, NY
United States

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Guruji is a world renowned Yogi from Tripunithura, Kerala, India also known as the capitol of Cochin kingdom. His family is ancient and well respected for its Vedic knowledge of Yoga, Vedanta, Universal Spirituality, Kalaripayattu(origin of martial arts), Ayurveda & other natural self healing systems, Sanskrit, literature, art, social & cultural activities and interfaith teachings for peace.

In his yogic life journeys, he met and learned from self-realized masters, saints, honored yogis, and alternative medical doctors. Having experienced yogic life style for over forty years, Guruji lived in Himalayan caves, ashrams, and palaces as well as living under Gurukula (guru-sishya-sambradaya), and modern educational systems. He is a scholar in modern and ancient techniques of yoga, meditation and related subjects.

Guruji is an honorable guest speaker and judge in many international conferences, events, competitions, festivals and a recipient of several peace awards and titles for his yogic services to humanity. He is considered to be a new age celebrity yogi and humanitarian having multifaceted talents and a wide range of friends from homeless people he serves to diplomats. He often gives discourses and is interviewed by media around the world. His mission is to cultivate global peace and harmony through yogic life teachings.


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