Dilek Adaş


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Dilek Adas, who worked in various film production companies while working as a production coordinator , she was practising yoga but afterwards she has found herself in india and cambodia by allowing herself that Yoga to change her life and took multiple Yoga teacher training courses Trimurti Yoga India / Dharamshala

She did volleyball and rock climbing sports at the professional level of interest and after 5 years of practising Yoga Power Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Anasura, Yin yoga and Pilates self developed taught to have continued.

She has a certificate 200hrs Yoga Allience multiple Yoga style and Pilates Reformer and Mat Teacher Certificate

Yin Yoga
Yoga Therapy

During her stay in India, she met with the Dalai Lama as she depicts as a loyal student of spirituality. She is trying to add Yoga and eastern philosophy in her life journey as much as possible while trying to add classes focused on the anatomy of the person and the person who developed the ability to remain at the physical asanas, breathing and dynamic fluid blends.
She participated workshops with the aim of developing herself , such as

Meghan Currie,
Geoffrey Deveroux
Nico Luce,
Elena Brower ,

Also attended to Yoga Conference in May 2015 and got the chance tpo participate the following classes,

Kino Mc Gregor
Meghan Currie

and just recently got a chance to give classes to the F1 Pilot Pedro De La Rosa and his beloved family.
She keeps practicing and learning and love to share the