Dina Hansen

Riverview, FL
United States

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Dina teaches women how to become their own best friend, instead of being their own worst enemy.

She will help you Stop Defeating Yourself With Emotional Over Eating, Harsh Self-Criticisms and Judgements. You will Put an end to the Drama, the Overwhelming Stress and The feeling that you are less important than everyone else.

Learn How to Satisfy your Unique Needs and Cultivate More Confidence Naturally and Easily In Every Area of Your Life, while still being able to help

Dina Hansen in an author, Transformational coach, and Doctor of Natural Health who teaches women who feel overwhelmed, unappreciated and exhausted how to trust their inner wisdom & be true to themselves, so they can easily get control of their stress and satisfy their unique needs, while balancing the needs of others, without burning out.

Her internationally selling book, Stop Eating Your Stress, is available on Amazon. She offers hand-in-hand private coaching sessions, group coaching circles and twice yearly retreats.

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