Dini Martinez


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Dini is a sailor, mother, writer and yoga teacher. She lives on a boat with her family, sails around the world and teaches Yoga, natural birthing techniques and Ayurveda at retreats, workshops and festivals. Believing in the power of one’s dreams is what drives her. Walking the talk and encouraging and empowering people to live their dreams rather than spent their life dreaming is what keeps her going.
Her teachings are influenced by numerous well and less well known teachers, as well as Vipassana meditation which she has been practicing since her first ten day silent retreat in 2004. She integrates Hatha yoga’s lunar aspect in her popular Yin Yoga, which consist of simple, quiet and meditative seated poses each held for several minutes. The sun shines through in her strong and vigorous Vinyasa Flow classes which rarely shy back of pushing her students’ asana practice to a whole new level. Both are often complemented by the introduction to powerful pranayam, mudhra, bandhas, kriyas and other teachings from ancient yoga scriptures. Her subtle, Thai massage influenced adjustments have created a name for themselves and can aid major shifts in body, mind and soul.
Be prepared for more than a normal yoga holiday practice. Transformation and change are the only constants in life. Dini’s authenticity and aliveness, coupled with a great love and passion for teaching, has inspired many yogis and others around the world to also dare living the life that they dream of.


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